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Author and lecturer Ken Solin spent 25 years helping men find happiness. Now he helps boomer men and women create authentic relationships. 

In his last book, "Act Like a Man," Ken helped men move beyond their dysfunctional behavior as partners, fathers, and friends.

In his latest book, "The Boomer Guide to Finding True Love Online," Ken tackles boomer dating. He eschews tricks and gimmicks in favor of proven techniques gleaned from his extensive dating experience and the experiences of thousands of boomer readers who regularly comment on his articles. 

If you have time to watch a reality show on television, you have time to dig into your own reality and make it work for you. — Ken Solin

Ken’s role as a dating expert for The Huffington Post, AARP Magazine, Senior Living, and Digital Romance, exposed the contentious dating gap between boomer men and women. Ken’s focus is on closing this gap.

Boomers aren’t looking just for their next date; they’re looking for their last date and their best, most lasting relationship. Ken’s work aims for that higher purpose by helping boomers develop and practice emotional honesty so they can get it right and enjoy the relationship of their dreams.

Boomer relationships succeed or fail on emotional honesty, and this critical ingredient has to be added during dating to establish a solid foundation. Emotional honesty requires an appreciation for the delicate balance between integrity and vulnerability in relationships. Ken shares how men and women can ensure that emotional honesty remains the linchpin of their dating and a future relationship.