Boomers need a variety of skills to date successfully.

I understood the issues surrounding boomer dating as soon as I started dating after my divorce. And when I began writing as a boomer Dating Expert for The Huffington Post and AARP I noticed a consistent, contentious tone in the thousands of comments from boomer readers that reflected my own experiences. This is due in part to the myriad of meaningless, surface information about boomer dating flooding the media instead of a focus on the real issues that make boomer dating so difficult for so many.

Most boomer women emphasize the importance of building the emotional aspect of a relationship in order to create a successful one. Boomer men seem more focused on closing the relationship deal first and then trying to make the relationship work. Divisive issues such as first date sex, emotional honesty, emotional skills, and relationship skills, became quickly obvious in my post-divorce dating experiences and were reinforced by readers’ comments. The Boomer Guide to Finding True Love Online narrows the gender gap by replacing conflict with harmony through openhearted dialogue.

  • First date sex is a contentious boomer dating issue. Women want emotional intimacy before physical intimacy; men are ambivalent. How can boomers resolve this standoff so it doesn’t become a deal killer?
  • Is the desire for emotional honesty and vulnerability gender-specific? The answer may surprise. And more important, what level of each is appropriate when dating?
  • If you’ve been in relationship with someone who lacked problem resolution skills, then you know they’re critical. Are you aware there are five questions to ask a date that point directly to their problem resolution skills?
  • Dating isn’t a numbers game, and kissing a lot of frogs is as flawed a notion as opposites attract. Do you know if you’re dating smart, or just throwing darts at online profiles hoping for a miracle?

The Boomer Guide also shares dozens of dating stories that demonstrate the need for boomers to date openheartedly and without fear, as well as the need to build trust from the first date. The Boomer Guide will help boomers navigate online dating more easily, and become partners in relationships that embody love, trust, best friendship, and incredible sex. The Boomer Guide will increase your chances of finding a life partner exponentially, by narrowing the field skillfully, and dating only those men and women who share your vision for a lasting, joyful relationship.



  • Ken’s adherence to the “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” philosophy of gender interaction is evident in his new book…His chapter on Emotional Honesty should be required reading for boomers before they date. The ability and willingness to express emotional truth is the foundation of a relationship.

    John Gray,
    author of The Mars/Venus books and relationship counselor.
  • Dating after 50 has its own issues and needs its own advice. Ken Solin makes sure that part of that advice includes the male perspective – both in order to help women to understand men better when they return to dating and also to help men understand the process, their emotions, and their own strategies better. This is an extremely useful addition to the dating literature for mature men and women.

    Pepper Schwartz PhD, author
    Dating after 50 for Dummies (Wiley, 2014), AARP love, sex and relationship Ambassador